Qualified Equine Massage Therapist
  • 9 March 2024 19:51
  • Devon
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Qualified Equine Massage Therapist

A one-stop shop for all your equine health needs.

I provide a comprehensive range of services for equine health, including equine massage therapy and saddle and bridle fitting. The initial consultation involves a thorough assessment of your horse’s musculoskeletal system to identify any problem areas. Treatment is then administered to address these problem areas, focusing on releasing trigger and stress points, as well as restrictions in the fascia to improve the horse’s comfort and mobility.  My therapy aims to aid in recovery from previous trauma, reduce swelling and fluid in soft tissues, and optimize conditions for the body to heal itself. Additionally, it helps relieve psychological stress, increase flexibility and freedom of movement, and improve posture for your horse’s overall well-being.


  • Category : Complementary Therapy